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We’re your compressed air energy storage solution provider.

Dresser-Rand SMARTCAES® is a comprehensive CAES solution including complete power island equipment supply, other associated above ground equipment, engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services including front end engineering design (FEED), installation / start-up services and service contracts.

First North American CAES Plant – Greater than 95 Percent Reliability since 1991

We designed and supplied the entire turbomachinery train and controls for the first CAES plant in North America. Only the second of its type in the world, PowerSouth’s McIntosh, Alabama, U.S. facility has been building an impressive record of starting reliably, more than 95 percent, and demonstrating greater than 95 percent reliable operation since 1991. Dresser-Rand has also provided full support services to PowerSouth since start-up of the McIntosh plant. Learn more about this facility.

Flexible solutions from a single source

As a supplier of the entire SMARTCAES train, Dresser-Rand’s total solution capabilities reduce your project management time, and our single source supply of the SMARTCAES plant minimizes transaction and overall project cost.

Systems can be configured for —

  • Salt caverns
  • Hard-rock caverns
  • Aquifers
  • Depleted natural gas fields on land or sea

What makes SMARTCAES a smart choice for many utilities?

  • Increases efficiency and extends base load unit life — Storing energy lets you use off-peak power to meet ever increasing peak demand. This is less expensive than using traditional gas turbine peaking units or purchasing power from other sources.
  • Responds quickly — Dresser-Rand SMARTCAES generation is designed to be started and brought to full load in less than 10 minutes, eliminating the need for intermediate-load plants and providing a cost-effective way to meet spinning reserve requirements. SMARTCAES generation also has excellent load-following capability and very good part-load efficiency. Full compression can be available in less than five minutes to quickly absorb load rather than reducing your base load generation.
  • Flexible cycling options — The SMARTCAES system is available for compression duty with or without the generation train running with our split train design. This allows you to “grid balance,” and use inexpensive power for air storage (charging).
  • Environmentally friendly — SMARTCAES has environmental advantages compared to conventional gas turbines because its combustors use as little as one-third the fuel. Furthermore, SMARTCAES can be an attractive alternative to the costly modifications required to make coal-burning plants comply with increasingly stringent fossil fuel emissions requirements.
  • Generation efficiency — Relatively flat heat rate across all operating ranges, thus overall generation efficiency is near the same at 10 percent as it is at 100 percent.
  • CAES enables renewables —
    • Provides a reliable load source instead of curtailing renewable power when not needed.
    • Provides a reliable source of stored electrical products for peak requirements that support demand.
    • Is much more efficient and greener than gas turbine peakers and combined cycles that use large quantities of fossil fuels.
    • Is very flexible in both providing load for renewables and generating a large variety of electrical products whenever demanded.

SMARTCAES is the ideal solution for —

  • Load leveling / balancing
  • Ramping regulation
  • Frequency oscillation
  • VAR support